My name has been Ahmad since 1999 :) Studying Game Design and Development (MSc) at Aalto University and have a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. I started my game dev journey in 2018 when I realized that making video games is my absolute passion. I think video games are the most fantastic example of the composition of Art, design, and engineering, and these are the fields I enjoy experiencing.

​ I relish solving problems by code and creating visuals outcome from them. My current focus is on computer graphics, shaders, and doing innovative game projects. I have made most of my games with the Unity engine, which I'm quite comfortable using. Also, I worked as a technical designer at Unbound Game Studio on casual and puzzle games.
Ahmad Erfani Jahanbakhsh


Lorun game


Role :
Date : 2021

A short narrative-driven game about the afterlife: many people who have experienced Coma said it was a different place. The geometries were unique, and they hadn't seen such colors before. This game is my notion about how it looks. Who knows, maybe it is. After I finished my bachelor thesis about point clouds, I made this game to show the power and various effects of point clouds.

Lorun game

Lorun: Adventure in a dream

Role :
Date : 2021

Lorun is a puzzle game that you should solve levels by making a path for a shepherd using isometric Illusion. Our shepherd has fallen into a deep sleep and dreaming about his sheep. In this dream, you will encounter strange rules! Use them wisely.
This project is one of my favorites because developing these mechanics challenged me, and the result was as good as we expected it to be.

Lorun game

EX3D Viewer

Role :
Date : 2021

A 3D model viewer made with OpenGL. I tried to get familiar with rendering pipelines in this project. Besides, several shader adjustments are available that create your desired look out of your model. This project could be useful to test vertex and fragment shaders on meshes with more expansion.

Lorun game


Role :
Date : 2019-20

Squp was my gateway to game development. It's the first game that I made with my teammate AmirHossein in our team Jash Games. Later we publish it worldwide with the help of Unbound studio. As our first game, it shined in international events and festivals like IMGA and the Swiss Game Festival.
The game is about a little cube who lost his love and trying to find her in a strange cubic world with hardcore puzzles. Furthermore, it contains Arcade modes, which will challenge your mind and speed.

Blip Ball

Role :
Date : 2020

In the holidays of 2020, I decided to make a casual game to improve my game dev skills.
Blip Ball is a minimal, relaxing game with infinite levels. You should dive into the music notes and reach the top Goal. There is various kind of music notes that each one of them gave you special power!! So get ready for this infinite journey.
Published and bought by Infinity Games.

Infinity War

Role :
Date : 2019

Infinity war is a platformer, pixel art game that you control your hero and fight among the enemies. The alpha test is now available on the link below.

Game jams & others

Whispers of Tampere

Role :
Date : 2022

Whispers of Tampere was made at the 2022 XR Hackathon held by Ultrahack and Qualcomm. Our idea was to create an application where people can put voice messages using ThinkReality AR glasses in public places(Tampere city parks). I worked as designer and unity dev during the event.


Role :
Date : 2020

Doomer is a mini-game made for Gore Game Jam. Save yourself from strange creatures, and enjoy the pixelated world inspired by the original Doom game.

Zen Pipes

Role :
Date : 2020

Zen Pipes is a relaxing puzzle game that surely gives you calm by its music and challenges your mind with its puzzles.


Role :
Date : 2021

I made this puzzle mechanic for the university's annual Game Jam. You control a cube, and for solving puzzles, you must Neutral the bombs by exploding yourself on top of them! Also, you have some time capsules that let you come back alive. You should put them wisely to solve each level.


Role :
Date : 2019

TimePlex is a fast pace game Along with time-controlling gameplay. You control the character from the parking of a Department and move forward. Watch out for the employees!!


Role :
Date : 2020-present

Series of shaders I've been making for the Computer Graphics course and other projects.

Wish Valley

Role :
Date : 2019

One evening I just said to myself, how hard is developing plane gameplay?! The result went OK as one of my first projects.


Easy Point Cloud

Role :
Date : 2021

Easy Point Cloud is a free unity package that you can convert your meshes into point clouds. Basically, it generates a point at every vertex, so the point cloud will be more congested by how much the mesh has more vertices. Also, it has some adjustments that can make various effects out of one mesh.

Casual shader pack

Role :
Date : 2020

I've made shaders(HLSL, Shader Graph) and particle packages exclusively for Unbound game studio to accelerate the production of casual 3D games.


Point Cloud rendering with Unity

Role :
Date : 2021

An overview of how to generate point clouds in Unity.
In summary, Point Clouds are a series of points in space that are presented visually instead of an interconnected topology. You may have seen this visualization in Photogrammetry scanning...

What I can do.
I've been working with Unity since 2018, and I'm familiar with most of its aspects and features. It's my favorite game engine, and I made most of my games with it. Familiar with 2D and 3D Mathematics, Shader Development, and Design Patterns in Unity.
I am experienced in using C# and have worked on some windows forms projects. Also, skilled in using it with Unity. Besides, I'm familiar with OOP and GoF design patterns.
It's been a while that I'm researching in this field. I'm familiar with the basics of Algebra and Geometry and have experience in GLSL programming. Also capable of working with Unity's Compute Shaders and Material Shaders (HLSL, Shader Graph).
Game design has always been one of my hobbies. I'm fond of designing puzzle games, and I have experience designing and directing casual games. I have got a Game Design certificate from Michigan State University courses.
I'm familiar with design software like Photoshop, Blender, and After Effects. Also, Git and its clients like SmartGit.
I have some experience in C++ and Python through various projects and practices at the university. Also, I'm familiar with the basics of the web, such as CSS & HTML.
Valuable experiences.
I have worked on some commercial projects at Unbound Game Studio. Mainly as a developer. Also, I have some great experience as a technical artist and PM.
In the first year of university, I founded a team with my classmate called Jash Games that led to some great experiences, and our first game Squp brought us great success.
I'm one of the head members in the Video Game Scientific Association at Ferdowsi University. We are holding some special game events and inform new students about game development.
My launching platforms.
Studying Master of Science (M.S.), Computer, Communication and Information Sciences - Game Design and Production at Aalto.
I started studying computer engineering with a focus on software engineering and artificial intelligence at FUM. Also, I have experience teaching C# and Unity on behalf of the game laboratory and the university's scientific society of video games.
Relevant courses: Advanced Programming, AI, Algorithms, Automata Theory, Computer Graphics, OOP.
Overall GPA: A