XR Hackaton 2022, Ahmad Erfani, Alireza Fatemi, Aaron Campbell

It’s the people of the city that give life to the city.
Our idea was to create an application that lets people attach voices to locations in public places, e.g., parks. These can be positive messages that people leave for each other and can make someone's day, or even can be memories people had in that location that would give life to that location or give hints of interesting events or things to do there. The idea of people leaving information in the form of voice around a public place would make a stroll around the place more fun and exciting, and it makes people think about the messages they leave behind and their impact on others.

The messages have an old-style glass shape with a stylized voice effect in it that makes a metaphorical contrast with this new modern technology(AR Glasses), whose aim is to make people close like the old days. Also, this demo project showed how vast AR glasses could socially affect our future life.